England is a country in the United Kingdom bordering Wales and Scotland. The country is one of the most visited destinations around the world, and it offers endless things to do and see, ranging from the modern-day cities, theme parks, wildlife, and natural attractions, among others. The country is also easy to get around, thanks to its well developed public and private transport system, and you can choose to travel across various regions by bus, or train or you can also opt to use your private car.

Top Rated Destinations in England

In this article, we have listed some of the best places to visit when in England, and though the list may not be exhaustive when planning your next visit, make sure you consider some of our suggestions:

  • The Tower of London

The Tower of London is considered as the most important building in England, and has been recognised as one of the Worlds Heritage Sites, and is a place where visitors can spend hours going through some of the exhibitions which helped shape the history of the country. The tower occupies an 18-acre piece of land, and it has served as a prison, palace, observatory and a treasure vault.

  • The River Thames

This is the longest river in England and the second-longest in the United Kingdom, and it flows southwards through the country and cuts across the city of London. The River Thames offers exceptional attractions alongside it and is widely known for boating activities, fishing and dining. If you want to spend your night near the river, you can consider staying at some of the accommodation close by.

  • Devon

Located on the South West Coast of England, Devon is an attractive destination, hosting the city of Exeter. With the small towns and tourist resorts coming to life during the summer, it is most loved by visitors who like visiting the English Riviera, where the coastline meets the breathtaking views of the countryside.