Bodiam Castle is a moated castle situated in East Sussex, England and was built towards the end of the 14th century by sir Edward Dalyngrigge. It was constructed to defend the city against the French invasion during the Hundred Years’ War. The wide moat and the robust, tall tower made the castle a hindrance to any forces which may have wished to take their chances and attack. With the end of the English Civil War, the castle was not often used, but with the renovations, over time, it is now popular among tourists.

Seeing the Castle

Taking a boat ride to Bodiam Castle is one of the ways to spice up your trip, as you will ride along the Rother towards the castle. Bodiam Boating provides rental boats which one can use to navigate through the river to the castle. While the trip takes about 45 minutes to the castle, which is a little longer as compared to other conventional means of travel, such as by use of a car, the boat ride will give you a slow and peaceful alternative.

As you navigate through the river, you will go through the quiet countryside, and for the photography enthusiasts, there is plenty of wildlife, butterflies, birds, and water plants among others which will keep you occupied. There is an excellent view of the castle as you get near it. Before travelling to the castle, you can grab a cup of tea or a power snack at the Bodiam Boating Station.

If planning to visit Bodiam Castle by boat, you must make your booking for the trip in advance to avoid inconveniences. The best time to visit the castle is at the beginning of summer to late September, but it is open all year round for those who may not have time to travel during the summer.